Monday, November 8, 2010

Wreckfish, Lobster Roe, Lobster Tamale 10/26/10

Check yourself before you wreck yourself:

Do you want to sell locally sourced and sustainably harvested wild fish to your customers? Check

Do you want to put something on your menu that will be coming in steadily throughout the season?
Do you want to cook a fish that hangs around shipwrecks and is really interesting and cool because of it? Check

Then buy some wreckfish, duh.

Also known as Stone Bass, these glorious savages of the sea are found in the famous Charleston Bump off the coast of the Carolinas. They are a great "eating fish" whatever you interpret that to mean, and they are affordable. They vary greatly in size (between 8-50# each) so make sure you let us know just how big of a wreckfish you are willing to take on. The bigger the better, remember we are in New York City. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise: SIZE DOES MATTER.

Lobster Guts.

Red and Green: Is it Christmas already? Wow, time flies when you spend every waking moment of your life slaving away in a 180 degree kitchen with an assemblage of stark raving lunatics, I mean cooks.

No fear, we are still in October. It's just that we have red and green lobster bits in stock. 
But what do the colors mean?

GREEN = Uncooked Lobster Roe

Here I am, talking about the greenish brown goop that is found inside the tail cavity of the lobster. Just great. This dark and stormy substance, aside from being a delicacy in some cultures, it is a little bit scary to the naked eye. We sell green (uncooked) lobster roe in 8oz or 1# frozen increments.

* This stuff should not be confused with Tomalley a.k.a lobster liver and pancreas which is the pea soup colored green shmoo located in no-man's-land between the lobster body cavity and tail.

When I tell you we sell red lobster roe I am talking about pre-cooked "coral" unfertilized lobster ovaries which are found on the inner curl of the lobster's tail. Same as the green stuff but cooked. Yum. Also sold in 8oz or 1# frozen vacuum sealed packages, you may refer to this element as "red lobster roe" when ordering.

Surely you already know that both of these products are excellent for making lobster appetizers, flavored soups and sauces. So, all there is left for you to do now is order some Red or Green Lob Roe. Give it a try, or a whirl or a ride on a disco stick or whatever they call it these days.

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