Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Amber Jack - Better than Crack!

Seriola Dumerili

Hail to twenty pound Amber Jack! The WILD and woolly "Hamachi" of Florida is this week's lucky seasonal debutant! Cheap-skates lend me your ear, for this fast-swimming, LEAN beauty of the Jack family is "seasonably" priced with a yield that will make your eyes water. Expect it's pink-hued flesh to fly off Pierless shelves directly into the opportune mouths of diners all over NYC. Chill it or Grill it, you will surely KILL IT! This versatile fish is served best however you damn please.

Amberjack wears many hats.
You can even smoke it!
See photo above...

Greater Amberjacks, like the ones we have in house, are pelagic fish that feed on other vertebrates and smaller fin fish. In their juvenile stages, amberjacks tend to lurk around moorings and other floating objects in the water where their prey lurks to capture their prey which is lurking around capturing their prey and so on and on and on forever and ever to eternity.

Chain, Chain, Chain!
Chain of fooo-oooods.

I would like to shout out to my unofficial friend Dr. Julie Ball who runs her very own sport fishing extravaganza down in the Florida Keys. Months ago, while perusing the internet for newsletter photo-ops, I came across a lovely Kodak moment debuting Dr. Ball with two triggerfish she landed. Today while perusing the internet for Amber Jack visual material I ran into Dr. Ball again!

Dr. Ball and her AMBERJACK!

I came to realize that Dr. Julie Ball is a wonderful worldly fisherwoman with a website and a sport fishing boat! In case you are in FL and want to try your hand at hunting what some say is the last wild food, I would recommend calling Dr. Julie Ball, she is quite a catch!

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