Monday, February 13, 2012

Conger Monger.

Back in Chapter 9.X.IIVXXX of yesteryear's News from the Yard, I describe the elusive catadromous eel and it's disgusting larval children, otherwise known as elvers... 

Locally Caught Conger Eel: 
That doesn't look so disgusting now, does it?

Like a crazy, suit-wearing bum, off the wagon and preaching apocalypse in the streets, I'm back on the scene spreading the word of eel. The MIGHTY CONGER is a non-gross, underutilized species found in abundance right here in our own waters!

Conger Fillet

From the Top in Order: Unagi, Rice, iPhone4

It is considered NORMAL to eat CONGER in fancy-pants Europe and Argentina! 

Boca Junior Cheerleaders y el Gran Bistec:


Conger is mild and sweet. It pairs nicely with suttle flavors. If you are still stumped, substitute conger in any mackerel recipe for glorious results!

Here is a clue:
 Eels take very well to stewing.
Did I hear somebody say CONGER isn't mainstream enough for the their customers? Rachael Ray broils her own to make homemade unagi. Lets face it,  b 
y the time Ray-Dawgs cooks an under-utilized species on national television, the proverbial ship has sailed.

A ship that stays in the harbor is safe, 
but that isn't what ships are made for.

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