Monday, February 6, 2012

Fish Farm in a Garbage Can.

Up in the South Bronx lives an ambitious couple of ex-bankers who are farming what they have come to call Bronx Best Blue Tilapia, right in their own garbage cans!

Red, yellow, green: TILAPIA
Garbage cans, Rasta MAN!
Christopher Toole and girlfriend Anya Pozdeeva started said fish farm inside their apartment in Riverdale, NY in 2010 but had to re-locate when neighbors became suspicious about what the hell was going on up there on the 14th floor. Now located near Hunts Point, the couple invites Bronx school children to come and help raise fish and farm mint as well as basil using fish waste. The kids even get to take their bounty home to eat.

Swim little tilapias!

The Bronx Best Blue Tilapia program is raising awareness about eating healthy and knowing where your food comes from in a part of NYC where this mindset is sadly lacking. Hopefully in time this project will become huge and will employ and feed many South Bronx residents in need!!

South Bronx, NYC aka Fish Farm City!

Another fish farm success story is that of Meir Lazar in the suburbs of Baltimore, MD. He is growing up to 100lbs of tilapia per year and all of the herbs and veggies he and his family can eat via hydroponics from the tanks. He wants to show the world that any old fool can pull something like this off.

Meir is a man of the apocalyptic mindset.
Big Ups to Meir the Tilapia Pioneer!

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