Thursday, September 29, 2011

Aquinna is a Winnah

Martha's Vineyard is full of amazing sights to behold and stories to unfold. I, for one, am smitten by the clay cliffs in Aquinnah. Right below the cliffs lies one of the last nude beaches on the Eastern Seaboard known by some as "Jungle Beach". The day we went to explore the clay cliffs we were greeted by some nude buffs tanning their hides in the sun. 

Love is love is love is nude beach. This is not Aquinna, just a picture of nudes.

Aquinnah was renamed Gay Head by the settlers before the 19th century. This sexy name lasted up until 1998 when (thank heavens) the original Wamapanoag name of Aquinnah was reinstated. The Wampanoag tribe, an offshoot of the Southern New England Algonquin Nation are the original inhabitants of this area. Aquinnah was a major whaling hub for settlers even before New Bedford and Nantucket became the big dawgs in the industry. The day we went to frolick in the waves there were numerous small vishing crafts right offshore hooking Black Sea Bass. Chefs: Don't get your asses in an uproar, right now Massachusetts does not allow fishermen to sell their Black Sea Bass catch. That is why this species is scarce at the moment.

Jules and Cream!

Feeling the Native Vibes

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