Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bonnie's Boots

When I get bored my mind’ll wander
To concentrate would be a feat
The far off lands of over yonder
A far more interesting retreat
Wish I was an outlaw gangster
Supposing I could rule the ranch
Bonnie Parker, at her best measure
The day awaits, I’ll have the chance
My feet will wander like my mind
And in that moment, I am free
I’ll troll throughout and pay in kind
Whatever debt’s bestowed on me
Don’t think I’ll miss a single soul
Carry them with me in my chest
Mother don’t worry, this world is cold
It’s tear-duct broke, too heavy pressed
So I go along alone, far off to a dusty place
Trailers and tumbleweeds rule the desert
Off the side of the interstate
I’d find a way out if I was clever
Sooner than later, but sooner I pray
I wasn’t meant to sit and stew
Technology bites and I’m wasting away

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