Friday, January 27, 2012

Play that funky music, WHITING!

Why OH Why, has whiting been sentenced to exist only in the shadows of its prestigious North Atlantic cousin, the cod? Whiting (aka silver hake) is a delicious and inexpensive fish lurking in abundance right here in our local waters, yet nobody seems to give a shit!

Whiting flesh is delicate and light, even more so than the flesh of cod. Unfortunately, sometimes by the time whiting gets to market it has already been bludgeoned and mistreated. This is a major turn off. However, if you manage to fandangle some fresh, well-handled whiting, WATCH OUT! You will immediately get the urge to play that funky music. 

Many fishermen agree that whiting is the best tastin' fish in the sea. Whiting is the fish that fishermen eat when they are out fishin,' if you can wrap your huge brane around that concept. 

"What the hell are you talking about?
Please, just tell me what's for dinner."
My father loves to eat whiting, however he warns that it is to be cooked with extra special care. Whitings are not for the heavy handed. Be light and nimble, dear chef and you too will prosper withwhiting on your menu. Check out some wicked awesome recipes for whiting from the BBC.    

Fear not their petite size.
You use Branzini,
don't you?
There is a whole lot of hullaballoo surrounding COD these days: There is cod, there isn't cod, there might be cod, WAIT! Maybe not... UGH! 

You know what? 
At this point I'll just have a hot dog.
You may not know it, but YOU have the power to stop this madness. Whiting is not overfished and overfishing is not occuring! Just sayin'... Utilize a species that is not under intense criticism and conflict every five minutes and you will never have to bite your tongue again. 

OWWWCHIES! I keep doin' dat...

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